Track Ball


    Initial approached to provide a tooling only solution for a fully sealed (IP68) track ball unit, the client had approached a number of toolmakers, to provide a solution to the bearing retention areas and a number of solutions were offered but none provided a snap fit full retained bearing after various meetings it was decide that Hepworth Designs would design the unit in close liaison with their own design team.

Track Ball Unit


  • To design a range of fully sealed track ball (30mm-75mm diameter balls) units for commercial and military applications.
  • The track ball must be sealed to IP68 and be able to with stand high impacts and resist the inqes of contaminates.
  • The unit should be supplied in two versions with a drain tube and fully sealed.
  • The unit must be capable of utilising the bezels and seals from the existing range.
  • The optical windows should be free from knit and moulding weld lines.
  • To work closely with the client’s mechanical and electronic design engineers.
  • Product and tool design to meet £15,500 budget (per unit)


  • After assuring the client that it was possible to produce the bearing seat to their requirements concept sketches were produced, detailed information was supplied after design and tooling orders were raised.
  • Existing CAD models were supplied to use as a template.
  • Prototype SLA’s were ordered with an aperture for the lens window, as the SLA’s could not provide the optical clarity required for the lens window.
  • After a series of trial builds the design was passed for tool design.

Track Ball Tool

Tool Design

  • We believe that the solution for producing the ball bearing seats is a unique design as it allows for full ball contact and undercuts to be moulded in a simple and efficient way, which requires little or no maintainance.
  • It was difficult to incorporate the sliding pins on the smaller units due to the lack of space.
  • It was crucial to the product design that no moulding weld lines or shrinkage fell across the optical windows and ball bearing seats which would reduce the working efficiency and impact strength of the unit, experience and a basic mould flow was used to establish the optimal gate positions.


  • No modifications to the design or tooling were required and all six units went straight into production.
  • Volumes were lower than anticipated.
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