Promotional Container


  • Design a promotional container to accept a 1.5kg bag of muesli with in predefined limits.
  • Container to have a flip type one-piece lid.
  • Container must stack prior to filling.
  • Product material to be food safe.
  • Product to be moulded and packed in a clean room environment.
  • Logo to be displayed on the container and lid.
  • Container and lid to cost under **pence ex works.
  • Tooling and design budget less than 50,000.
Promotional Container


    Calculate volumes, wall sections and moulding cycle times to calculate product costs. Specify product material. Investigate printing of logo on outside wall of container. Investigate feasibility of an adhesive label for the logo on outside wall of container. Investigate alternatives to printing and adhesive label. Produce and submit four designs of container and lid for approval after costing evaluations.


    After calculating the volumes and wall sections required to meet the product costs, it was found that the wall section to mould flow length ratios were such that the componet could not be moulded successfully. The cost of printing the logo on the outside of the container proved prohibitive, as did the adhesive label.
Alpen Tool


  • The container was redesigned to reduce the thicker wall sections.
  • A material with a higher melt flow index was sourced and a higher performing hot tip was sourced.
  • A mould flow analyses was undertaken and it was found that the container could be moulded within budget.
  • The logo was laser etched onto the core.


  • A total of 1.5 million containers have been produced to date.

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