Humane Mouse Trap


  • To take the customers ply board and wicker wire wound prototype, and produce a marketable product capable of manufacture.
  • Product must be capable of catching up to five mice.
  • Product should be able to function as a domestic humane mousetrap and a commercial baited trap.
  • Product must be easy to clean.
  • Product must be capable of quick release for ease of baiting and mouse disposal.
  • Product must be resistant to knawing.
  • Produce prototype S.L.As.

Humane trackball Unit


  • Measurements were taken from the wood and wire prototype and various concept designs were submitted.
  • S.L.A prototypes were produced and subsequently tested with limited success.
  • An inexpensive infrared security camera was purchased to monitor the mice.
  • The video footage showed that the inlet diameter and clearance to the base needed to be deceased, new prototypes commissioned.
  • These dimensions are now established and tests show the trap is capable of catching up to six mice per evening.

Tool Design

  • Product designed to facilitate a tooling and design budget of under 15,000.


  • Product is undergoing further market research prior to tooling.

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