Injection Mould Designer

Plastic Injection Mould Designer With over 30 years experience of manufacturing and design of plastic injection mould tools from simple aluminium prototypes to fully hardened, multiple cavity hot drops and over-moulding designs, for the automotive, medical and packaging industries.

With extensive experience of complex tool design using innovative and conventional undercut and auto unscrewing solutions for the most complex of product designs.

Injection Mould

Injection Mould

Designed using the very latest 3D modeling software (Solidworks) from a comprehensive 3D model library of standard injection moulded parts,
e.g. Hasco, D.M.E, D.M.S and other mould base suppliers.

This enables us to produce complex plastic injection mould designs quickly and efficiently and because every mould design is produced in Solidworks all the 3D surface data is available to the toolmaker at no extra cost reducing tool costs and lead times.

The toolmaker can proceed to machining with out having to prepare core, cavity and split line surfaces.

All 3D data can be supplied in any standard data exchange format; 2D detailed drawings can be supplied in any standard 2D format including D.X.F or D.W.G (AutoCAD).

General Arrangement

General Arrangement Drawing

Solidworks is 3D parametric modeling software, so small changes to the product will automatically update the injection mould design and the 2D detailed drawings so reducing the cost of those last minute changes.

We offer a full and comprehensive design and detailing service, with every component detailed ballooned and listed on the bill of materials, or alternatively, we can supply General assembly drawings with or without cavity detailing either way the surfaces are available free of charge.

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