Compression Tool Design

Compression Mould Tool Design We have extensive experience of designing compression and transfer injection compression moulds, across the range of Thermo set materials, Dough Moulding Compounds (D.M.C), Sheet Moulding Compounds (S.M.C), phenolic and polyester combined with an in depth knowledge of insert over moulding.

Compression Tool

Compression Tool We can provide a full and comprehensive design and detailing service tailored to your budget. Information can be supplied in 3D or 2D data, because the all the mould tools are design using Solidworks software the 3D Data comes at no extra cost to the toolmaker. All data can be supplied in any standard data exchange format such as, IGS, DXF, SAT, PARASOLID and many more. All 3D data for cores cavities and split lines are provided free of charge so no surface preparation is need before C.N.C machining. We also offer 2D to 3D conversion service to convert your 2D in house designs In to 3D surfaces,
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