C.A.D\C.A.M Services

C.A.D\C.A.M Services

We can provide a fully comprehensive C.A.D\C.A.M solutions taking your existing 2D data and converting it into a 3D model, to produce core, cavity, complete with split lines and any internal inserts or side movers.

Electrode Surface Creation

With over 20 years experience of E.D.M covering conventional sink, C.N.C, wire erosion and electrode manufacture, this knowledge is used to produce practical electrode surfaces and cutter paths with positional drawings.
We can also provide cutter path data if required.

Cutter Path Service

We can provide, cutter paths for most C.N.C machining centres, all with fully proven post processors to produce accurate cutter paths using the latest 3D machining software.

Cutter Paths Simulation Simulation Cutter Paths