Air Flow Monitor


  • To design a range of airflow monitors for new and replacement Biological Safety Cabinets and fume cupboards, utilising one injection mould for the main enclosure and one mould tool for the remote airflow sensor.
  • Product must of rouged construction and easy to assemble.
  • Product must be capable of accepting various P.C.Bís and LED display panels all from one mould tool.
  • To work closely with the P.C.B manufacture for the positions of internal and external components and sockets.
  • Aesthetically pleasing product.
  • Design and tooling budget under £9500.
Air Flow Monitor


Preliminary discussions with P.C.B manufacture to decided maximum space require for the various options. Produce concept designs which were aesthetically pleasing, these were subsequently rejected as market research in the U.S.A, suggested that the largest market would be in replacing the air flow monitors of the leading cabinet manufacture, and to break into this market the unit must fit in a rectangular recess hence the box shape.
No prototypes were produced due to cost restraints.

Air Flow Monitor Tool Tooling

Tool Design

  • Product and tool designed sympathetically to facilitate the numerous configurations required through various inserts in the tool.


  • No modifications to the product design or tooling were required and the product went straight into production.

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